Urinary Tract Healing with reflexology

Urinary Tract Ailments

Urinary Tract Ailments treated with Reflexology

A 39-year-old woman came for a session after a doctor’s appointment concerning spasming ureter (urinary tract ailments). The doctor told her she would need to take medication for the rest of her life because of the painful nature of the condition. Since she was doing reflexology for a different condition, she just mentioned it to me in passing. I said, “Do you want to take medication for life?”  She answered, “No”, so I said, “Let’s treat your ureters today, too.”  She never took a pill and has not suffered with that condition again even though she is now 51 years old.

This story is just one example of the power of clinical reflexology treating urinary tract ailments, contact Dawn Horn – Tri Healing Reflexology to discuss your individual case to set the best course of action.

Urinary Tract Ailments Healed with reflexology

This website is provided solely for the purpose of information, providing the reader with details concerning reflexology and Dawn’s experience treating Urinary Tract Ailments with clinical reflexology techniques. It is not intended or presumed to convey any diagonosis or prescription of any kind. Dawn Horn is a Certified Master Clinical Reflexologist, not a medical doctor and has no reason or intent to act as such.

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