Thyroid treated with reflexology


Thyroid Issues Treated with Clinical Reflexology

I have used reflexology for thyroid disorders from the very beginning of my career.  I had a thyroid condition in my early thirties and was told the only option for me was to take medication for the rest of my life.  I thought, “What just happened?  I was healthy yesterday and today I am medicated for life?  Where did my body even have the chance to heal naturally?”  I had the innate knowledge that the body could heal itself if given the correct support to heal.  Over the years I have assisted many people in unlocking the puzzle of their thyroid conditions.  I have learned that there are massive DNA patterns connected with this condition and the triggers in life that set thyroid conditions in motion.  Thyroid conditions can be the result of extreme life stresses.  So managing life through setting up a supportive environment is my recommendation.

Thyroid treated with reflexology

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