After Your Session

Comprehensive Reflexology Session:

In this type of reflexology treatment we ask for a remapping of your body matrix.
In that process your body can have a flair up of previous symptoms as it works through balancing the condition. This is the wisdom
of the body at work. Please trust yourself and the creator of the body knowing it is a self correcting vehicle, regeneration
happens, and healing is not always comfortable. Please honor the treatment, and yourself by doing what your body requests.


Your biological clock is set for the best restoration and rejuvenation between 9 and 11 PM.
Go to bed so you body makes repairs quickly.

Eat Well:

Light and easy to digest foods. The majority of energy your body makes is used on digestion, so if you make that job of
digestion easy that energy can be used to help you heal.

Shifting Energy:

Use exercise, music, color, or essential oils to help your body harmonize.


Pure water and other liquids as your body requires. No need to over do with water.
Something to help you know what is the right amount of water for you is:
50% of your body weight is the number of ounces of water needed daily and
50% of those ounces ingested in the morning before noon helps cellular hydration.

Please call with any specific questions or concerns for 21 days following your session. I am interested in your progress!

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