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This was a fabulous movie – especially if you are old enough to remember those great songs! Who knew the background and trouble they came from! I wish there were more movies like this … really dislike most of the ones out today… so, don’t go to movies much anymore. The lead star, Lloyd Young, even really looks like Frankie Valli. I guess I remember "The Four Seasons" more than I do Frankie Valli per say. One never knew the individual names. Didn’t even realize Frankie was the one who sang "Can’t Keep My Eyes off of You …. RENT IT – YOU WILL WANT TO BUY IT !!
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Bought these for my bf, he is 5’8" and wears a large shirt size. I got these for him in a large and the waist fits with the drawstring but they are pretty short. Hit above the knee. They are soft and comfortable though.
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President barack obama Vows Zero fortitude forward regardless income move

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