Pain Management with reflexology

Pain Management

Pain Management with Reflexology

Reflexology is frequently used for pain management. One example is a story about a client who had broken her back and then her left shoulder. She didn’t like laying around because she had things she wanted to do, and the pain kept her from having time to accomplish those things.  Since it took some time for her to heal, we did weekly reflexology treatments, and I taught her husband what reflexes to use to manage the pain. It is amazing what love can do because It looked like that was the shifting point that started to speed her healing.

There are many other example of reflexology assisting with pain management as an alternative to prescription medications. Contact Tri Healing Reflexology to consult with Dawn Horn and the Clinical Reflexology treatments best suited for your individual situation.

Pain Management with reflexology

This website is provided solely for the purpose of information, providing the reader with details concerning reflexology and Dawn’s experience treating pain management or teaching pain management with clinical reflexology techniques. It is not intended or presumed to convey any diagonosis or prescription of any kind. Dawn Horn is a Certified Master Clinical Reflexologist, not a medical doctor and has no reason or intent to act as such.

Each person is encouraged to consult with their own medical professional concerning any physical or mental issues. Be sure to inform your physician if you are considering a reflexology treatment. Tri Healing Reflexology would be happy to discuss your specific ailments and the treatments to apply.