Menstrual Pain treated with Reflexology

Menstrual Pain

Menstrual Pain treated with Clinical Reflexology

I am 30 and my whole life I have been dealing with horrible menstrual cycles and hormone problems consisting of irregular periods, extreme bleeding, menstrual pain and frustration!! I have gone to numerous doctors and natural health people to help me however nothing has really helped! Then in February I knew something was off in my body I had so much pain in my right ovary I didn’t know what to do it was like I had a vise grip on the ovary. I contacted a friend that told me to meditate a lot and go into the ovaries and female organs to feel what emotions are stagnant in there from childhood! This practice totally was helping, however my body was begging for more! This was when Dawn magically showed up in my life what a blessing! I had three sessions with Dawn ( Reflexology for Menstrual Pain and Female Issues ) the first session was like a total body detox and it felt like I had surgery in the female region without having surgery!  My body finally had permission to flow and let go of all the toxicity, abuse, etc. that it has been storing in the organs and cells! It was like a movie of all the events and emotions that have occurred during my life that I didn’t even know were suppressed moving out of the body! My right ovary was premature creating the vise grip feeling after the first month the ovary was regenerating into wholeness! At the third month I ended up having my period and it was the best it has ever been in my whole life consisting of minimal fluid and no pain. The ovaries feel like they r functioning and healing properly now! My cycles have been every other month instead of every 4 months with great ease where it’s not a burden!  Since the sessions I have been eating healthier, taking care of myself and having appreciation for myself! Creativity and confidence is being restored to be able to live in magic instead of destruction of myself! Communication is a lot easier now too of speaking and standing in my truth from being suppressed at childhood! – From a client experiencing menstrual pain.

Menstrual Pain treated with Reflexology

This website is provided solely for the purpose of information, providing the reader with details concerning reflexology and Dawn’s experience treating menstrual pain or teaching menstrual pain management with clinical reflexology techniques. It is not intended or presumed to convey any diagonosis or prescription of any kind. Dawn Horn is a Certified Master Clinical Reflexologist, not a medical doctor and has no reason or intent to act as such.

Each person is encouraged to consult with their own medical professional concerning any physical or mental issues. Be sure to inform your physician if you are considering a reflexology treatment. Tri Healing Reflexology would be happy to discuss your specific ailments and the treatments to apply.