kidney stones treated with reflexology

Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone treatment with Clinical Reflexology

A single mother of two little girls was suffering from morphine headaches after being released from the hospital five days earlier. She was not able to care for her family and was totally immobilized, because lifting her head caused massive pain and vomiting.  She originally went to the hospital because of kidney stones but was released without passing the stones and debilitated by the headaches from the medication given to her. A friend recommended she come to see me for reflexology to eliminate Kidney Stones.  When her mother called for her, I told her to bring her and stop on the way to get caster oil.  She took three tablespoons of caster oil and then we did her reflexology session. She sweat profusely while detoxing and passed the kidney stones that evening. The next day when I called to ask how she was, she was in a town 100 miles away having dental appointments with her daughters. Her suffering was over.

kidney stones treated with reflexology

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