Eating Disorders

Sometimes eating disorders are the result of a misalignment in the pelvic girdle. This was evident when I treated a 35-year-old woman who wished she could just live a normal life and eat like normal people with out obsessing over food choices, textures, where exactly it came from and all other thoughts concerning food presentation. We talked about any injuries in her past and her leg had been broken when she was only 9 months old. They didn’t know how it had happened because no one actually saw her get injured. Since at that age the personality is just revealing itself, I wondered if that could have had something to do with the food problem that she and her mother said had been there all along.  I asked if she remembered ever injuring her tailbone and she did.  This was a complicated situation and I treated her several times over a weekend, but when her pelvic girdle went back into alignment we heard a loud pop and she felt the shift.  We checked to see if the flexibility in her body improved with the shift and it did.  There seems to be a direct correlation between flexibility of mind and body. The quality of her life improved in surprising ways.  Less that a year later I saw her mother who reported that she was back home looking for engagement rings.