Brain Fog treated with reflexology

Brain Fog

Brain Fog treated with Clinical Reflexology

I treated a woman whose main complaint was brain fog, sore eyes, and chronic congestion in her sinuses and lungs. She said her whole family struggled constantly with congestion. I uses mainly foot reflexology to loosen the congestion and help it flow. I also noticed that one eye seemed almost closed while the other was fully opened.  I asked her to keep the open eye covered and the other open and moving around the room. When she uncovered her eye she asked if it was possible for her brain fog and sore eyes to be a whole lot better that quickly and I said, “Of course! That is what we told your body to do!”

Brain fog is a symptom that we have all encountered from time to time and is usually a symptom of another issue. Call Dawn Horn to discuss your treatment plan.

Brain Fog treated with reflexology

This website is provided solely for the purpose of information, providing the reader with details concerning reflexology and Dawn’s experience treating brain fog or teaching brain fog management with clinical reflexology techniques. It is not intended or presumed to convey any diagonosis or prescription of any kind. Dawn Horn is a Certified Master Clinical Reflexologist, not a medical doctor and has no reason or intent to act as such.

Each person is encouraged to consult with their own medical professional concerning any physical or mental issues. Be sure to inform your physician if you are considering a reflexology treatment. Tri Healing Reflexology would be happy to discuss your specific ailments and the treatments to apply.