Back Pain

A 23-year-old woman came into a business where I was working with weight management clients to experience an aqua massage bed. As I watched her crawl in, I thought, “Wow, that is a woman in a lot of pain!”  When she finished, I asked her if she had ever tried reflexology to address back pain.  She said she had elsewhere, but would like to have a session.  As I began I discovered the reason for her problem and brought it to her attention.  I asked her if she was ready to heal her cystitis, and she was.  Using ten reflexology sessions and aloe vera juice, she healed from chronic cystitis brought on by emotional and physical trauma.  The amount of pain medication she had been on prior to her treatment was quite extensive, and her gratitude for healing and getting off those medications was evidenced when she referred a woman who had struggled with multiple sclerosis for 14 years to have a reflexology treatment by urging her to come because reflexology had saved her life.