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Back Issues

I was sent to Costa Rica to treat a 63-year-old man with bulging discs in his lower spine.  He had been in tremendous pain and just laying around for about three months when I met his friend and treated him for a shoulder problem.  When my client with the shoulder problem got results he came to an appointment a few days later and asked if I liked to travel.  I asked what he had in mind and he said, “Would you go to Costa Rica to help my friend with his back?”  It was January in the mountains, cold, snowy and Cost Rica was warm with beaches!  I said,”How fast can you get that ticket?” He said, “I want you to get him well enough to get on a plane to come to the US to have back surgery.”  I said, “Are you kidding?  It’s my plan to get him well enough to not have to have back surgery.”  He said, “How long will that take?”  I said, “Five days.”  That is indeed the time it took to get him well enough to go back to surfing two weeks after I left Costa Rica.