A 48-year-old man came to have the first of several reflexology treatments for back pain, immobility in his neck, and very sore arms he thought were related to his job, painting houses.  He was very stooped over and complained that his back and joints were arthritic and so painful that he was looking into a different career.  He showed me x-rays done by his chiropractor and arthritis was indicated.  I asked him if he had ever hurt his back or neck and he said he was in a car accident where his head hit the roof of the car at the age of 15.  I did the treatments focusing on the spine, shoulders and sternum and his posture improved dramatically.  He asked about more conditions concerning breathing, swallowing, coughing, and he was treated for those as well.  He still paints houses but now has good posture, no arthritic pain, and much improved swallowing and breathing.