Back Pain

A 23-year-old woman came into a business where I was working with weight management clients to experience an aqua massage bed. As I watched her crawl in, I thought, “Wow, that is a woman in a lot of pain!”  When she finished, I asked her if she had ever tried reflexology to address back pain.  She said she had elsewhere, but would like to have a session.  As I began I discovered the reason for her problem and brought it to her attention.  I asked her if she was ready to heal her cystitis, and she was.  Using ten reflexology sessions and aloe vera juice, she healed from chronic cystitis brought on by emotional and physical trauma.  The amount of pain medication she had been on prior to her treatment was quite extensive, and her gratitude for healing and getting off those medications was evidenced when she referred a woman who had struggled with multiple sclerosis for 14 years to have a reflexology treatment by urging her to come because reflexology had saved her life.

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Back Issues

I was sent to Costa Rica to treat a 63-year-old man with bulging discs in his lower spine.  He had been in tremendous pain and just laying around for about three months when I met his friend and treated him for a shoulder problem.  When my client with the shoulder problem got results he came to an appointment a few days later and asked if I liked to travel.  I asked what he had in mind and he said, “Would you go to Costa Rica to help my friend with his back?”  It was January in the mountains, cold, snowy and Cost Rica was warm with beaches!  I said,”How fast can you get that ticket?” He said, “I want you to get him well enough to get on a plane to come to the US to have back surgery.”  I said, “Are you kidding?  It’s my plan to get him well enough to not have to have back surgery.”  He said, “How long will that take?”  I said, “Five days.”  That is indeed the time it took to get him well enough to go back to surfing two weeks after I left Costa Rica.

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Broken Bones

Reflexology for broken bones: I was in an eating/drinking establishment at a ski resort watching a ballgame when a client came in to ask me to use reflexology to help her friend who had just broken her wrist. Her friend had to catch a plane back to California and didn’t have time for the hospital protocol.  I said, “Does she know it will hurt?”  My friend said, “Yes, I told her.”  So I did the treatment using her other wrist to perfectly reset the bones and when I saw my friend again after that, I inquired about the gal from California. She said it healed perfectly, and she never did have to seek medical protocol.

A young man who had been life flighted with injuries to his kidney, 3 vertebra, and a broken pelvis asked about reflexology treatments while still in the hospital.  He wanted to heal very quickly because he was headed to college that fall and needed to make as much money as possible that summer.  I said I would treat him as soon as he was off pain medication.  He came to the first treatment about a week later and when we finished he went straight to bed.  Three days later we did the second treatment and he was off his crutches. Five days later we did another treatment and he was doing the worm dance on my floor.  He was able to work and at his 8-week check-up he and his mother couldn’t control their laughter when the doctor first thought he had the wrong x-ray for comparison and went to check.  When he came back he said, “You must have really taken me seriously when I said stay on those crutches!”
My son also broke his pelvis skiing.  I offered to make the trip to treat him but he wanted to wait for when I was already scheduled to see him a few weeks later.  When I got there he was trying to work on crutches in snow and ice, using pain medication, and trying to adjust himself to a different work position because he couldn’t do his regular job.  He was also exhausted.  I did two 20-minute reflexology sessions on him using his feet and he went to work that Monday morning with no crutches, no pain medication, and able to do his assigned job.  I got several calls from his co-workers about helping them with their conditions that week.


A 48-year-old man came to have the first of several reflexology treatments for back pain, immobility in his neck, and very sore arms he thought were related to his job, painting houses.  He was very stooped over and complained that his back and joints were arthritic and so painful that he was looking into a different career.  He showed me x-rays done by his chiropractor and arthritis was indicated.  I asked him if he had ever hurt his back or neck and he said he was in a car accident where his head hit the roof of the car at the age of 15.  I did the treatments focusing on the spine, shoulders and sternum and his posture improved dramatically.  He asked about more conditions concerning breathing, swallowing, coughing, and he was treated for those as well.  He still paints houses but now has good posture, no arthritic pain, and much improved swallowing and breathing.



Anxiety often is reflected in the reflexes for the upper body. The story I will share about reflexology helping anxiety is about a man who had experienced severe physical abuse in childhood. His wife, a massage therapist, was looking to reflexology as a way of unblocking tissue in his upper body and treating his anxiety. I treated his arms and torso through many reflex areas in the hands, feet, and ears. Then I treated the lung reflexes and his emotions began releasing.  His wife called and said he reacted similarly in the next massages she gave him. She thanked me for how much better he felt and that she was able to help him release much more easily following his reflexology treatments.



Reflexology for Allergies:  The story I want to share concerning the condition of allergies is about a 19-year-old man who had suffered with debilitating allergies for years, along with migraine headaches from about the age of 7.  His parents brought him for treatment. He had an intense emotional and physical reaction to the treatment. His parents relayed that he was a fan of reflexology at all.  But as time passed, he realized the condition he had suffered from was completely gone after
one treatment, and he changed his mind.  His parents arranged for me to go to their home in northern California to treat their family and friends. When it was time for his treatment he invited several of his friends to watch so they could learn about how reflexology works and get treatment for their issues.

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